News 1 GDPR
From May 25 2018, if you want to save and process customer's personal information you'll need to have explicit consent.  We've added lots of features to Onyx to help manage this.
News 2 Android App
Our Android app (Onyx Mobile) is now in open beta, if you want to try it then please click here.
News 3 V4.0.2.26 Releases
We've just released a new update to Onyx.  Please make sure to update your installation as soon as you can so that you can benefit from the new features and bug fixes.
News 4 V3 Reaches End of Life
Onyx V3 has officially reached end of life status. This means no more updates and very limited support.  If you're still using V3 then please consider updating to V4 as soon as possible.