Creating your first invoice in Onyx Garage Invoice System.  The video will walk you through adding a vehicle and customer and then adding invoice items.  Then you'll see how to add a payment and then print out the invoice.  You'll also see how to return to the new invoice should you want to reprint it, or make additional payments etc.

Learn how to create a Rapid Invoice. Rapid Invoices are used to create an invoice where you don't need to record the customer's details.  You might decide to create a Rapid Invoice when you sell car accessories or parts, but you can also use them for MOTs or servicing.  They don't have all of the features that you get if you were to create a standard invoice, but they are super quick!

Watch how easy it is to create a new invoice using Onyx Mobile

Learn how to create automatic database backups using Onyx Garage Event Manager

Upgrade to MTD compliant Onyx Garage and create your first VAT return